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Mount Olympus University is a weekly audio drama about Pandora Wordsworth, a student who never meant to attend MOU. But when a series of unfortunate incidents make all other schools inaccessible to her, she finds herself with no other options than to go to this place she has never heard of. It is only upon arrival that she discovers this is the choice school for figures of mythology, legend, and lore, making her the only normal human among them. Now she must keep her secret while navigating nymphs, magic homework, and the irritating advances of Zeus. But it won't be easy. When you aren't special at Mount Olympus University, it's hard not to stand out.

Aug 28, 2018

In our second ever Study Break, we take a step away from the story to discuss the little-known mythology behind a few famous zodiac signs and star gatherings. Our writer/creator Raeanna Nicole Larson is joined by art historian Amelia Francesco to discuss.  

CW: Brief mentions of sexual assault in mythology